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Meals are made ready to eat. You can pick up orders on Sunday and Monday every week between 3pm-8pm. Deliveries are sent on Sundays and Mondays in Seoul and Taekbae is delivered on Tuesday. You can choose Taekbae delivery anywhere in Korea!

Order Options:

1. Choose only the items you want. There is no minimum order!
2. You can also choose to take advantage of a Meal Plan option.

Meal Plan Options
3 days, 12 items: 75,000 (Save 6,000!)
5 days, 20 items: 115,000 (Save 20,000!)
7 days, 28 items: 150,000 (Save 39,000!)

* Each day includes a breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack or dessert.

Check out this week’s menu at a glance here.

NEW – Monthly Meal Plan Options available now. Save more time and money with Monthly Meal Plans.

Learn more about Sprout Meal Plan options here.  

Now accepting orders for September 24, 25th pick up and delivery.

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