Korea Meal Delivery and Take Out Menu Nov 11, 12

Sprout's Curry with Seasonal Vegetables Sprout의 코코넛 커리 계절채소가 들어간 Sprout의 인기 메뉴, 코코넛 카레 (고단백, 식이섬유 함유)

Sprout’s Curry with Seasonal Vegetables
Sprout의 코코넛 커리
계절채소가 들어간 Sprout의 인기 메뉴, 코코넛 카레
(고단백, 식이섬유 함유)

Sprout has a meal delivery menu line up that reads like a comfort food greatest hits! So many hot and satisfying options that your biggest problem may be just deciding what you want to eat first.

When you want a Salad Bowl we have a new BibimBowl with Gochujang Crema. This is really good, I mean REALLY good. Personally I stir fry it and eat it hot but it also works as a Salad. Either way you eat it I’m sure you’ll be amazed with that gochujang crema sauce.

We have both Fresh Salsa and Nacho Cheese this week so if you are getting Burritos I recommend pairing it with one or both of these sauces.

When it’s time for a healthy dessert Sprout has you covered. This week you can try the Baked Apple Crisp with Caramel Sauce. 

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Healthy Meal Delivery Menu November 11, 12

Hot Meals 8,0

Mexican Burrito
Whole wheat tortilla, chipotle hummus, peppers, red onions, lentil meat.
* Add Fresh Salsa and Nacho Cheese for extra zing!
* Ships frozen
* See suggested heating instructions here.
(PRO, FBR, Vita)
멕시칸 부리토(통밀 토르티야, 병아리콩 후무스, 후추, 적양파, 렌틸콩으로 만든 고기)

Sprout’s Curry with Seasonal Vegetables
Sprout의 코코넛 커리
계절채소가 들어간 Sprout의 인기 메뉴, 코코넛 카레
(고단백, 식이섬유 함유)

Cheesy Shepherd’s Pie
The base is made of cooked savory lentils, carrots, onions, and corn and the top is made of a cheesy and fluffy sweet potato and white potato mixture.
풍미 가득한 쉐퍼드 파이
렌틸콩, 당근, 양파, 옥수수 위에 느끼하면서도 푹신푹신한 감자와 고구마를 섞어 올린 쉐퍼드 파이
(고단백, 식이섬유, 항산화제요소 함유)

Chipotle Chili
Made with millet, smoky chipotle peppers, sweet potatoes, mixed beans, onions, and tomatoes.
(LowCal, PRO, FBR)
치폴레 칠리
기장, 훈제 치폴레, 고구마, 갖가지 콩, 양파, 토마토가 들어간 치폴레 칠리
(저칼로리, 고단백, 식이섬유 함유)

Mac N’ Cheese
Cheesy, saucy whole wheat pasta mixed with broccoli and spinach and topped with shiitake bacon and caramelized onions.
맥 앤 치즈
브로콜리, 시금치, 통밀 파스타를 버무려 표고버섯 베이컨과 졸인 양파를 올린 진하고 감칠맛 나는 맥앤치즈

“Beefless” Stew
With potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, peas and mushrooms.
(FBR, A-OXI, Vita, MN)
비프리스 스튜
감자, 고구마, 당근, 샐러리, 양파, 각종 콩, 버섯으로 만든 “비프리스” 스튜
(고단백, 항산화제요소, 비타민, 미네랄 요소 함유)


Salad Bowls 8,0

Caribbean Quinoa Bowl
Jamaican Jerk Marinated Tempeh, over a bed of coconut quinoa and beans, mixed leafy greens and peas.
(PRO, FBR, Vita)
캐리비안식 퀴노아 볼
코코넛, 퀴노아, 각종 잎채소와 콩 위에 자메이칸 스타일로 양념한 템페를 얹은 볼
(고단백, 식이섬유, 비타민 함유)

BibimBowl with Gochujang Crema
Bulgogi mushrooms, vegan kimchi, carrot ribbons, bean sprouts, pan fried spinach, brown rice.
(Vita, FBR, A-OXI)
고추장 크레마-비빔밥 볼
불고기 버섯, 비건 김치, 당근, 콩나물, 볶음 시금치, 현미밥을 곁들인 고추장 크레마 불고기 볼
(비타민, 식이섬유, 항산화제요소 함유)

Fall Harvest Bowl
Roasted and spiced Brussels Sprouts, Kabocha squash, sweet potatoes and red onions and mixed greens on a bed of brown rice with a Dijon maple dressing and a sprinkle of toasted pepitas.
가을 하베스트 볼
현미밥 위에 양념에 재워 구운 방울 양배추, 애호박, 고구마, 적양파, 각종 채소를 얹은 후 구운 씨앗과 디종 메이플 드레싱을 뿌린 볼


Snacks 5,0

Garlic Hummus
갈릭 허머스
(고단백, 식이섬유 함유)

Fresh Salsa
(LowCal, Vita, A-OXI)
후레쉬 살사
(저칼로리, 비타민, 항산화제요소 함유)

Nacho Cheese
나쵸 치즈
(식이섬유, 비타민 함유)

Jalapeno Fritters
Fry in coconut oil for 2 minutes each side
할라피뇨 튀김
(고단백, 식이섬유, 항산화제 요소 함유)
※ 코코넛 오일을 두른 팬에 한쪽씩 각각 2분 간 익혀주세요.

Peanut Butter Oat Protein Bar with Raisins
건포도-피넛버터 오트 프로틴 바
건포도가 들어간 피넛버터 오트 프로틴 바
(고단백, 식이섬유 함유)

Peanut Butter Oat Protein Bar with Chocolate Chips
초콜릿 칩-피넛버터 오트 프로틴 바
초콜릿 칩이 들어간 피넛버터 오트 프로틴 바
(고단백, 식이섬유 함유)

Chili Lime Garlic Edamame
(PRO, FBR, Vita, MN)
칠리 갈릭 에다마메
(고단백, 식이섬유, 비타민, 미네랄 함유)

Trail Mix
A mixture of raw nuts, seeds, raisins and chocolate chips.
(PRO, Vita, MN)
트레일 믹스
생 견과류, 씨앗, 건포도, 초콜렛 칩을 섞어 만든 트레일 믹스
(고단백, 비타민, 미네랄 함유)


Desserts 5,0

Protein Packed Black Bean Brownies
(PRO, FBR, Vita, CLCM)
검은 콩 브라우니
단백질 한가득 검은 콩 브라우니
(고단백, 식이섬유, 비타민, 항암요소 함유)

Chocolate Chip Chickpea Blondies
(PRO, FBR, Vita)
초콜릿 칩 병아리콩 블론디
(고단백, 식이섬유, 비타민 함유)

Sprout’s Chocolate Chip Cookies (3 for 4,500 krw)
스프라우트 초콜릿 칩 쿠키
(3개 4,500원)

Protein Packed Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip
Made with Chickpeas, Peanut Butter, Oats and Maple Syrup – just eat with a spoon!
(PRO, FBR, Vita)
고단백 더블 초콜릿 칩 쿠키 도우 딥
병아리콩, 피넛버터, 귀리, 메이플 시럽을 섞은 고단백 더블 초콜릿 칩 쿠키 도우 딥 – 한 숟가락 드셔보세요!
(고단백, 식이섬유, 비타민 함유)


Desserts 6,0

Reese’s Peanut Butter Pie
(PRO, Meta)
리시스 초콜릿 맛이 나는 생 피넛버터 파이
(고단백, 미네랄 함유)

Lemon Coconut Chia Cake with Blueberry Cream Cheese Icing
레몬 코코넛 치아 케이크
블루베리 크림 아이싱을 올린 레몬 코코넛 치아 케이크
(고단백, 식이섬유, 항산화제요소 함유)

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cake with Peanut Butter Glaze
(A-OXI, Vita, MN, Meta)
피넛버터 초콜릿 칩 케이크
피넛버터 글레이즈를 올린 피넛버터 초콜릿 칩 케이크
(항산화제요소, 비타민, 미네랄, 신진대사 활성화 요소 함유)

Carrot Cake with Cashew Cream Cheese
(A-OXI, Vita, NRG+)
당근 케이크
캐슈넛 크림치즈를 올린 당근 케이크
(항산화제요소, 비타민, 에너지 증진 요소 함유)

Baked Apple Crisp with Caramel Sauce
Made with walnuts, rolled oats, coconut oil and maple syrup.
(PRO, A-OXI, Meta)
카라멜 소스를 얹은 구운 사과 크리스피
호두, 으깬 오트, 코코넛 오일, 메이플 시럽으로 버무린 후 카라멜 소스를 얹은 구운 사과 크리스피
(고단백, 항산화제요소, 신진대사 활성화 요소 함유)


Breakfast 5,0

Santa Fe Skillet
Fajita spiced potatoes, mixed beans, zucchini, squash, paprika, mushrooms, onions, and garlic.
산타페 스킬렛
파히타 양념을 한 감자, 각종 콩, 애호박, 스쿼시, 파프리카, 버섯, 양파, 마늘로 만든 산타페 스킬렛

Fried Rice with Sriracha Tempeh Breakfast Bowl
스리라차 템페 볶음밥 브랙퍼스트 볼
(고단백, 항산화제요소, 식이섬유 함유)

Chocolate Breakfast Bowl with Nuts, Seeds and Coconut Flakes
초콜릿 브랙퍼스트 볼
각종 씨앗, 견과류들을 곁들인 초콜릿 브랙퍼스트 볼
(고단백, 항산화제요소, 항암물질 함유)

Creamy Coconut Breakfast Bowl with Nuts, Seeds and Chocolate Chips
(FBR, Vita, Nutri, NRG+)
크리미 코코넛 브랙퍼스트 볼
견과류, 씨앗류, 초콜렛 칩을 곁들인 크리미 코코넛 브랙퍼스트 볼
(고단백, 비타민, 에너지 증진 요소 함유!)

Peanut Butter Cup Chia Seed Pudding
(LowCal, PRO, FBR)
피넛버터-치아씨드 푸딩컵
(저칼로리, 고단백, 식이섬유 함유)


Optional Extras
Not included in standard meal plans you can add optional extras to compliment your meals and snacks

Add Whole Wheat Vegan Pita Bread (1,500 each)

Add Whole Wheat Vegan Bun (1,500 each)

Crudités – Mixed chopped veggies. (3,500 per pack)

100% Pure Peanut Butter (5,000)

*NEW* 100% Pure Almond Butter (7,000)

GRANOLA – (5,000 per bag)

Sprout Granola

Sprout Granola


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Burrito Suggested Heating Instructions.

Some meals like the burrito have been cooked and frozen before shipping. Here are a few methods to heat your burrito for the optimal burrito enjoyment.

1.Oven from frozen:

Place frozen burrito in oven at 200c for 35 minutes. Remove tin foil and place in hot pan (no oil required). Heat on low heat until wrap is golden brown, rotating frequently. (takes just a few minutes). Optional – Serve with Sprout Fresh Salsa or Nacho Cheese!

2. Oven after thawed:

Place thawed burrito in oven at 200c for 15-20 minutes. Remove tin foil and place in hot pan (no oil required). Heat on low heat until wrap is golden brown, rotating frequently. (takes just a few minutes). Optional – Serve with Sprout Fresh Salsa or Nacho Cheese!

3. Microwave

Heat in a microwave (remove from tin foil first!!). If you want a crispy wrap place in hot pan (no oil required) and heat on low heat until wrap is golden brown on one side. Carefully flip and do same on the other side.

Whether you are vegetarian, vegan or just looking for convenient and delicious meals that are ready to eat and packaged to go, Sprout is the perfect solution. All healthy meals by Sprout are 100% Vegan. No animal products are used in any Sprout dishes. Sprout uses Whole Food Natural ingredients and avoids the use of processed or over processed ingredients. Sprout does not use white flour, refined sugar or white rice. We believe that a healthy clean eating diet is the best way to improve and maintain your overall well being as well as part of a performance nutrition regiment for athletes.

The Sprout healthy food menu is published every week on Tuesday for delivery and pick up / takeout on Sundays and Mondays. Sprout food delivery is available everywhere in Korea!  Each week we change the menu to keep your meals diverse and satisfying, never boring!

Low Cal – Low Calorie
PRO – High Protein
FBR – High Fibre
CLM – High Calcium
A-OXI – Antioxidants
Vita – Vitamin rich
Nutri – Nutrient rich
MN – Mineral rich
NRG – Increases Energy
Skin – Improves Skin
BP – lowers Blood Pressure
D-TOX – Detoxifyng
CNCR – Cancer fighting
Meta – Metabolism Booster
DGT – Digestive aide